China Development Bank and China EximBank should consider the sustainability of New Silk Road projects

21 May 2018

The China Development Bank (CDB) and the Export Import Bank of China (EximBank), the central financial vehicles for the "Belt and Road" strategy, are increasingly working with multilateral financial institutions and should strengthen sustainability in the new projects, according to three researchers from non-governmental organisation Chatham House.

Exploring Macao’s history from the garden path

18 May 2018

For such a compact city, Macao is home to an impressive collection of 44 parks and gardens, covering almost ten percent of the land area. These lush, green outdoor spaces humanise the hard-edge result of urbanisation and provide a near-natural environment for people of all ages to enjoy a moment of tranquillity. But to landscape architect António Saraiva, the parks and gardens in Macao are more than just an escape from the bustle of city life.

Angola and Mozambique, two African economies with many short-term challenges

14 May 2018

Angola and Mozambique, the two largest Portuguese-speaking African economies, are facing high short-term economic and political challenges, according to the Bertelsmann Foundation Transformation Index (BTI 2018).

Chance and challenge: chronicling the histories of Macanese families

11 May 2018

The second edition of Famílias Macaenses (Macanese Families) by the historian and genealogist Jorge Forjaz consists of six volumes with thousands of pages, encompassing nearly 500 families, with more than 70,000 cited names and over 3,000 photos.