Guinea Bissau and China sign cooperation agreement

21 November 2005

Bissau, Guinea Bissau, 21 Nov – Guinea Bissau and China have signed a cooperation agreement to provide Bissau with technical and financial support totaling USD 3.7 million.

The agreement was signed in the Guinea Bissau capital on November 18 by Guinea’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Isaac Monteiro, and by China’s deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, who was visiting Guinea Bissau at the time.

Of the investment provided USD 1 million (833 thousand euros) is for budget support, and the remaining USD 2.7 million is for refurbishing barracks and officer’s mess at Bissau General Headquarters.

The Beijing government are also offering materials and furniture for the Presidency Building.

China, which financed the construction of Palácio Colinas do Boé, the current headquarters of the Guinea Parliament, and which was concluded in March of 2005, also intends to build a new six-floor building to house the government’s headquarters.

China is one of Guinea Bissau’s main partners and also intends to provide funding to rebuild the presidential palace, which was partially destroyed in the 1998/99 military conflict.