Exports from Northern Mozambique double from Jan to Oct

22 November 2005

Maputo, Mozambique, 22 Nov – Exports from the northern ports of Mozambique totaled USD 60 million from January to the end of October, a 100% increase from the same year-ago period, the Industry and Trade Directorate of Cabo Delgado State said.

The value of exports from the ports of Pemba and Mocímba da Praia, in Cabo Delgado, and Nacala in the neighboring province of Nampula increased significantly more than the amount of goods exported. 63,000 tons of goods were exported between January and October this year, while in 2004 54,000 tons of goods were exported, according to the IPEXInfo publication.

The main types of exports were wood (USD 13 million) and cotton fiber (USD 8 million). Other exports, including maize and minerals such as graphite, totaled USD 35 million.

So far this year the total exports from the Cabo Delgado ports have exceeded the total for the whole of 2004 of USD 23.4 million.

The Industry and Trade Directorate expects that by the end of 2005 exports will triple against those of 2004.

The expedition of goods from northern Mozambique has steadily increased since 2002 when the “Nacala Corridor” railroad was rebuilt linking the north of the country to countries such as Malawi and Zambia.

The railroad is some 900 kilometers in length and is managed by the Sociedade de Desenvolvimento do Corredor de Nacala, a joint venture of the Mozambican railroad company, Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique (CFM) and companies from Portugal(Tertir), the US (RDC) and South Africa (Rennies). (macauhub)