Guinea Bissau interested in working with Brazil in ethanol

25 November 2005

Brasilia, Brazil, 25 Nov – Guinea Bissau’s Minister of Natural Resources, Aristides Ocante da Silva, said Thursday in Brasilia that Guinea Bissau is interested in cooperating with Brazil in the bio-fuel business, particularly on ethanol a fuel produced from sugar cane.

According to Ocante da Silva, West Africa has the climate conditions and land to grow sugar cane and produce ethanol, and would be a way of responding to the economic problem caused by the price of oil and would help to combat poverty.

Together with the representatives from Senegal and Benin, Ocante da Silva traveled to find out about Brazil’s experience with Ethanol production and was welcomed by Brazil’s Minister for Agriculture, Roberto Rodrigues.

According to Rodrigues a cooperation protocol with the three countries for ethanol production, “will take place within the shortest time possible “.

The three Africa countries want to set up national ethanol programs with the support of international bodies, such as the United Nations Fund for Agriculture and Food (FAO) and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Roberto Rodrigues told the African delegations, “We want to transform ethanol into a commercial raw material and with other countries taking part we can set up regulations for that purpose”.

The Brazilian Government wants to set up an Association of Ethanol Producing Countries, with international standards.

Every year Brazil produces around 13 billion liters of ethanol, a fuel which specialists consider to be excellent and its use can lead to a reduction in pollutants and greenhouse gases.(macauhub)