Chinese business mission takes part in business meeting in Sao Paulo

30 November 2005

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 30 Nov – A mission of 60 businessmen from the Chinese province of Hubei is to take part in a business meeting with Brazilian business owners, in Sao Paulo on December 6, organizers of the meeting said Wednesday.

According to the Brazil-China Chamber of Economic Development (CBCDE), the meeting’s organizer, the meeting will be the largest organized this year between businesses from the two countries.

The Chinese businessmen are interested in doing deals in the textile, cleaning products, agriculture, electronics, furniture, kitchen utensils, chemical products and hospital sectors.

The business meeting will begin with a short presentation to the Brazilian businessmen about business opportunities in Hubei province, the CBCDE said in a press release.

Hubei province, made up of 12 cities, with a population of around 60 million, has a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of US$52.5 million and is in ninth place in China’s regional GDP ranking.

The main business sector of Hubei province is the technological industrial sector, and is considered one of the world’s most important for the manufacture of optical fibers.

The region is also an important center for scientific research, particularly in relation to information technology, electronics, chemistry and medicine.

The province is also one of China’s largest steel producers and produces a significant amount of grain.

The CBCDE was created in June 2001 in Sao Paulo and aims to encourage trade and investment between China and Brazil.(macauhub)