Jiangling cars to arrive in Portugal and Spain in 2006

1 December 2005

Lisbon, Portugal, 01 Dec – Jiangling cars, the first Chinese cars to be sold in Europe, will reach the Portuguese and Spanish markets, Portuguese financial daily Diário Económico reported Wednesday.

After launching sales in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, Jiangling Motors Co. is now taking on the Iberian market with its sports utility vehicle (SUV) Landwind 4×4, through Spanish importer Sino Motors, the newspaper said.

The import company was founded by Spanish businessman Alfonso Saavadra, former president of MG Rover Spain and the Spanish subsidiaries of Japanese brands Toyota and Subaru.

Jiangling’s launching its SUV onto the Iberian market follows the European authorities’ approval of the vehicle for sale in the 25 member states of the European Union.

According to the newspaper, Jiangling is considering developing specific vehicle models for the European market as it is still at a disadvantage in relation to other brands in terms of aesthetics and product variety.

Jiangling is forecasting sales of 1,500 Landwind vehicles by the end of 2005 in the three European markets in which it is a player.

The model, which uses Mitsubishi gasoline engines or diesel Isuzu engines, is one of the cheapest SUVs available on the market.

Jiangling Motors Corporation has headquarters in Nanchang, in
Jiangxi province, and owns a 29.96% stake in the Ford Motor Company.

Chinese car manufacturer Chery Automobile, headquartered in Wuhu, in
Anhui province, is also preparing to move into the Spanish market, via the country’s largest importer, Bergé.

Chery currently has no plans to enter the Portuguese market and is concentrating on exports to Latin America, where it believes there is great potential for the budget vehicle market. (macauhub)