Governor of Guangdong to visit Portuguese-speaking countries in 2006

7 December 2005

Macau, China, 07 Dec – The governor of the Chinese province of Guangdong, Huang Huahua, plans to visit Portuguese-speaking countries throughout 2006, he told Portuguese news agency Lusa Wednesday.

“2006 will be the year to focus on developing economic and trade relations with Portuguese-speaking countries,” Huang Huahua said.

Huang Huahua, who finished a three-day visit to Macau Wednesday, added that the development of the relationship with Portuguese-speaking countries would be carried out with Macau’s support.

“Macau has an extremely important role in our relations with Portuguese-speaking countries and it is our bridge to those markets, which we want to visit throughout 2006,” said Huang Huahua.

The governor of Guangdong considers that Portugal, which he visited in October 2004, could be an important partner for the business community in the Chinese province.

“Hong Kong is very important in the financial sector and for exports while Macau is a center for tourism, gaming and services and thus they are both regions of relevance for developing trade and industry in the whole of the Pearl River delta region,” he said.

Guangdong, in the south of China, is one of the most developed provinces in China and is responsible for around a third of all trade done with China.

In 2004, the Guangdong province attracted some US$10 billion in investment, 34% more than in 2003 and around 25% of total foreign investment in China.

Official figures show that in the first ten months of 2005 the province’s external trade increased 19.7% year-on-year to US$340.72 billion.

Guangdong’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has grown an average of 13.4% per year over the last 26 years. In 2004 GDP totaled US$193 billion, which represents a ninth of China’s overall GDP.(macauhub)