Brazilian software market is 15th largest in the world

12 December 2005

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 12 Dec – The Brazilian computer software market, which ahs an annual turnover of around US$6 billion, is the 15th largest in the world, according to a report published Monday.

The report by the Brazilian association of software companies (Abes) showed that Brazil has 7,700 companies in the sector, 1,800 of which are focused on development, 4,200 distribution companies and 1,700 service providers.

The turnover of Brazilian software companies represents just 0.96 percent of world turnover in the sector, which totaled US$617 billion last year, the study said.

According to the report, apart from Brazil, China is the only developing country among the top 15 software manufacturing countries.

US companies are the world leaders, with an annual turnover of US$268 billion, or 43.5 percent of the world total.

Most Brazilian companies in the sector (94 percent of the total) are small, Abes president, Jorge Sukarie said.

Abes, which was set up 19 years ago, Abes is the main Brazilian body for the sector and has more than 700 associated companies, representing 85 percent of the sector. (macaubub)