Brazilian companies to have distribution center in Portugal

13 December 2005

Lisbon, Portugal, 13 Dec – Around 50 Brazilian companies will make use of a product distribution center in the Lisbon region of Portugal as of the first half of 2006, Brazil’s agency for promoting exports and investment, Agência de Promoção de Exportações e Investimentos do Brasil (Apex) said.

The location of the center is due to be announced in Lisbon in the next few days during the visit to Lisbon of Apex President Juan Quirós. It is expected to be either in the ports of Setúbal or Sines, to the south of the Portuguese capital, or at Mercado Abastecedor, a large warehouse to the north of the city that is currently out of use.

According to a spokesperson for Apex quoted in Lisbon financial daily Diário Económico, the center “will be a place where companies from various sectors can store their goods and headquarter subsidiary firms to carry out trade.”

The 50 companies that the center will be able to accommodate are from the cosmetic, music, flower, food, plastics, fish, coffee, textile, ceramics, animal food, refrigeration, glass, furniture, packaging and electronic goods sectors, according to Apex.

The aim, the spokesperson said, is to “increase the flow of trade between Portugal and Brazil”.

This will be the fourth center of its kind opened by Apex, following similar schemes in Miami (United States), in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), and Frankfurt (Germany).

The Lisbon center will support distribution beyond Portugal also, Apex said, as it will also be the base for Spanish distribution and possibly, at a later stage, in North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia among other countries).

According to Apex the new center will create between 500 and 1000 direct jobs, and will contribute to a doubling of Brazilian exports to Portugal, from US$100 million in 2005 to US$200 million by 2010.

The president of Apex is visiting Lisbon this week to take part in the 6th annual meeting of the councilors for the internationalization of the Portuguese economy.

Quirós is scheduled to meet with directors of ICEP Portugal, the Portuguese equivalent of his own export and investment promotion agency, with which Apex has a cooperation protocol, and also with Portuguese businesspeople from several sectors.

He will also visit the potential locations of the distribution center alongside Portugal’s Minister for Trade, Services and Consumer Defense, Fernando Serrasqueiro.(macauhub)