Chinese pharmaceutical firm invests in Macau for sale to Portuguese-speaking Africa

19 December 2005

Macau, China, 19 Dec – China’s Hansgrand Pharmaceutical Factory (HPF) is investing in producing Anti-HIV drugs in Macau for sale to Portuguese –speaking African countries (PALOP) as a preferred market, Macau daily Jornal Tribuna de Macau reported Monday.

The paper said that HPF has invested US$14 million on building its facility, which has already been finished. The authorization request to start operations had already been sent to the Directorate of Health Services, the paper said.

Once the HPF factory is granted permission to start manufacturing in Macau it plans to produce enough Anti-HIV medication to treat 100,000 people per year, as well as anti-flu drugs, the paper said.

The company’s CEO, Hu Da Guo, said that the company has joined forces with the Mchem Pharma group, which is one of the four Chinese companies authorized to produce anti-HIV drugs. (macauhub)