Mozambique’s turnover index on a high at the end of 2005

23 January 2006

Maputo, Mozambique, 23 Jan – The turnover index for Mozambican businesses showed a steady rise by October last year, with the greatest increases in the energy, industry and tourism sectors, according to official figures published Monday in Maputo.

According to Mozambique’s National Statistics Institute, the turnover index, which is based on company surveys, stood at 114.5 points, based on 2004 (100 points).

The increase in the index is the result of an almost continuous increase since June, when it reached 110 points after a weak first half of the year.

From September to October, the Institute said, the index rose by 1.2 points driven by energy (9.8 points), tourism (5.6 points) and commerce (2.1 points).

The energy segment of the turnover index is the are that showed greatest growth since the beginning of 2005 (134 points), followed by industry (133.8 points) and tourism (121.9 points).

All other sectors – commerce, transports and services – progressed favorably in relation to the beginning of the year, according to the statistics institute.

In the industry sector, the greatest increase was felt in beverages (above 180 points), manufacture of metallic construction materials (153 points) and food (147.5 points). (macauhub)