Mozambique’s unemployment rate stands at over 16 percent

23 January 2006

Maputo, Mozambique, 23 Jan – The number of unemployed people in Mozambique currently stands at over 16 percent of the active population and most of these live in the South of the country, preliminary figures published Monday by the country’s National Statistics Institute (INE) showed.

A survey carried out by the INE showed that 24 percent of the Mozambican population over the age of 15, living in the South of the country, did not have a job, against 14 percent for the northern region, INE said.

The central region of Mozambique has an unemployment arte of 13.3 percent, a rate which mainly includes women over the age of 15, the minimum official age for employment in the country, the figures showed.

Women living in urban areas represent 34 percent of the country’s unemployed, against little above 22 percent for men, which account for more unemployed than out of work men in rural areas, which stand at 12.8 percent.

Unemployment figures for 2004/2005 also show that 30.8 percent of unemployed people have a secondary-level education. (macauhub)