Macau’s L’Essence considers new water factory to enter Chinese mainland market

25 January 2006

Macau, China, 25 Jan – The L’Essence Distilled Water Factory (Macau), which began selling distilled water in Macau at the beginning of 2006 is studying the possibility of building a new factory in Macau, the latest edition of Macau image magazine reported.

The company launched the “L´Essence” water brand in Macau following an investment of 10 million patacas.

Liu Ji Min, CEO of L’Essence said that the company would open a store in the North of Macau in January, as well as in other locations all over the special administrative region.

The company’s marketing strategy is to make the distilled water a well-known Macau brand in order to later enter the mainland Chinese market.

But, in order to move into mainland China the current Macau factory would not have a big enough production capacity and Liu told the magazine that the next step would be to build a factory in the cross-border area in order to boost production to the required level. (macauhub)