China’s steel production totals 350 million tons in 2005

2 February 2006

Beijing, China, 02 Feb – China’s steel production of steel in 2005 totaled 350 million tons, or a third of the world total, the Chinese National Commission for Development and Reform said in Beijing.

Chinese steel production has headed the world ranking for the last 10 years and has posted average annual growth of 22.2 percent since 2000.

Chinese companies that produce more than 5 million tons of steel per year increased from 4 in 2000 to 18 in 2005.

Last year, China exported 20 million tons of metallurgic products, against 6.21 million tons in 2000.

Large and medium-sized Chinese metal companies posted combined profit of US$11 billion, a 7.7 percent increase against 2000. (macauhub)