European Union finances rebuilding of 350 km of roads in Guinea Bissau

13 February 2006

Bissau, Guinea Bissau, 13 Feb – The European Union (EU) has agreed to finance the rebuilding of 350 kilometers of roads linking several towns in northern and central Guinea Bissau, under the terms of a program signed Friday in the capital of the West African country.

Frank Nulli, head of the EU mission in Bissau, said that the Community had made available 9.1 million euros to finance the rebuilding work on the selected roads.

Guinea’s Minister for Public Works, Carlitos Barai, pointed out how quickly the EU had responded to the appeal by the Guinea Bissau authorities for rebuilding the country’s road infrastructures, which are in a poor state of repair and said that work would begin on them soon in order to avoid the rainy season, which begins in May.

The EU has already financed construction of the two largest bridges in the country.

The road rebuilding work will be carried out by Algerian company Arezki, under the supervision of consultancy, CIRA, of Mali. (macauhub)