Companhia Industrial da Matola opens cookie production line in Mozambique

21 February 2006

Maputo, Mozambique, 21 Feb – Mozambique’s Companhia Industrial da Matola (CIM) last week opened a production line for cookies at a cost of US$3.11 million, the company said Tuesday.

Owned mainly by South African and Mauritius investors, some Mozambican private investors and the Mozambican state, with its new production line CIM can produce a wide variety of cookies.

With a little over 80 workers, 54 of whom from CIM’s previous factory, CIM proposes to increase production in the near future by investing a further US$20 million.

CIM, which was opened in 1959, closed in 1982 due to maintenance costs of its equipment and a lack of raw materials.

In April 2005, the current shareholders ordered the production line from Italy’s Lazer, which is now operating.

CIM produces 15,000 tons of wheat-based products per month. (macauhub)