Angola to launch concession for railroads

6 March 2006

Lisbon, Portugal, 06 March – The Angolan government is set to launch a concession for managing its railroads to private companies, a business in which Chinese and Indian companies have already shown an interest, the latest edition of the Africa Monitor newsletter reported.

The newsletter adds that the government’s plans states that the three railway lines ( Luanda, Benguela e Mocamedes) should be overseen by a state-owned “holding” that would be responsible for controlling the railway system.

For each of the systems, which are currently being refurbished, private management contracts are expected to be signed with international companies, the newsletter, which is published out of Lisbon said.

Chinese and Indian railroad companies are interested in the deal, including some which manufacture lines and rolling stock.

Companies from those two countries are already leading the refurbishment works on the three railroads, such as the consortium China International Fund, which is currently responsible for rebuilding the Benguela railroad. (macauhub)