DeBeers prospecting in Angola finds new areas with diamond-mining potential

6 March 2006

Lisbon, Portugal, 06 March – South African multinational DeBeers is prospecting for diamonds in Angola using the latest technology which has already made it possible to detect new areas with diamond mining potential, Africa Monitor newsletter reported in its latest edition.

According to the newsletter, DeBeers’ internal surveys found potential diamond areas in the south of Angola, in Cuando-Cubango province, showing that the country’s diamond mining potential is not solely located in the northwest, in the provinces of Lunda and Malange.

In areas that are already being mined DeBeers has found higher levels of diamonds than were so far expected.

One of the main strikes so far was in Camissombo, in Lunda-Norte province, the newsletter also said.

The surveys, it added, are being carried out using two airplanes set up with high-end technology and which can fly at low altitude, increasing the precision of the work.

The surveys also said that increased knowledge about Angola’s diamond reserves could lead to intense demand by large mining conglomerates and international investors, in the near future.(macauhub)