Macau-Zhuhai cross-border industrial area launched by end of 2006

23 March 2006

Macau, China, 23 March – The Macau-Zhuhai cross-border industrial area, the first of its kind in China is expected to open in mid-2006 in order that businesses can begin their activities by the end of 2006, the Macau Post Daily newspaper reported Thursday.

The industrial area was officially created by the Chinese authorities in 2003 and has an area of 0.4 square kilometers which covers part of Maoshengwei, in the Gongbei area of the city of Zhuhai, and Verde island in Macau.

The paper, citing official sources, said that the bridge linking the two parts of the industrial area is currently being finished as well as respective border controls, all of which will be launched before July, by local authority representatives from both areas.

This year the Macau government approved the installation of 23 companies in the industrial area, from sectors ranging from pharmaceutical products to textiles and clothing.

The Macau Post Daily also reported that a Brazilian company would be set up on the Macau side of the Industrial area to process coffee destined for the Chinese market.

Industries located on the Macau side of the industrial area will create over 3,000 jobs although 13 Macau companies are also due to be set up on the Zhuhai said.

With a total area of 27.5 square kilometers and a population of around 465,000 people, in 2005 Macau received a total of 18.7 million visitors, most of which arrived from the Chinese mainland.

The special economic area of Zhuhai has a population of 1.28 million people and in 2004 its gross domestic product (GDP) stood at US$16 billion.(macauhub)