Chinese business mission to visit Sao Paulo in May

11 April 2006

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 11 April – A Chinese business mission form the car and spare parts sector is due to visit the state of Sao Paulo in the second week of May, the president of the Brazil-China Chamber of Economic Development (CBCDE) told Macauhub.

The business mission, which will include around 100 businesspeople and representatives of the Chinese authorities, will take part in a business meeting on May 11, Paul Liu told Macauhub.

Liu said that the meeting would include representatives of the sector in Brazil, and one of the world’s biggest producers and exporters of vehicles.

The Chinese businesspeople will also take part in one of the sector’s most important events in Brazil, AutoSports, an international vehicle spare parts and accessories, which will take place from May 9 to 13 in Sao Paulo.

Brazil is amongst the ten countries with most vehicles on the road, with a round 23 million units, including both passenger and heavy goods vehicles.

The business mission from China is taking place at a time when the Brazilian car industry is increasing its imports of parts from China.

The increase in imports is due to the recent increased value of the Brazilian currency against the dollar, which has made it cheaper to buy Chinese spare parts rather than producing them in Brazil.

This would be the second visit by a Chinese business delegation to Sao Paulo within five month, Lui said.

In December 2005, a Chinese business mission from Hubei province visited Sao Paulo state.

At the time, dozens of businesspeople from the two countries took part in a business meeting, especially fro the textile, cleaning products, agricultural, electronics, furniture, chemical and hospital products sectors.

“Brazil is China’s largest trading partner in Latin America, and it there is still great potential for increasing that trade,” the director of the Hubei Trade Department, Yang Baosheng, at the time.

Set up in June 2001, the CBCDE has around 200 associated companies, with the aim of encouraging trade and investments between the two countries. (macauhub)