World Bank, European Union and Netherlands joint mission to visit Cape Verde

12 April 2006

Praia, Cape Verde, 12 April – A joint mission of the World Bank, the European Union (EU) and the Netherlands is due to visit Praia in May for talks on granting budgetary assistance to Cape Verde, officials said Tuesday.

According to the Finance Ministry’s Directorate-general for Planning, the joint mission has two aims: it will assess the application of political measures in several areas as well as set the amount of budgetary assistance for 2007.

As well as the World Bank, the EU and the Netherlands, all of which signed a memorandum of understanding on budgetary assistance, in April 2004, the African Development Bank will be associated to the joint mission in May, as it has also accepted this mode of assistance.

The directorate-general also said that other countries would be invited to take part as observers, such as Spain and Austria, whose governments have already told Cape Verde they are interested in providing budgetary assistance.

During the mission the World Bank and the Government will begin negotiations for signing a new Program for Reducing Poverty and Economic Growth. (macauhub)