24 percent of Cape Verde population unemployed

17 April 2006

Praia, Cape Verde, 17 April – More than 40,000 people, or 24 percent of Cape Verde’s 470,000 inhabitants are unemployed, according to a study by the country’s National Statistics Institute (INE) published Thursday.

The document drawn up together with Cape Verde’s Employment and Professional Training Institute (IEFP), found that women, unqualified workers and people under 24 years of age were the most affected by unemployment.

The figures provided also pointed to an increase in the number of unemployed of around 10,000 people in comparison to 2000, while the current study relates to 2005.

The basis for increased unemployment is likely to be, according to INE, a result of the natural growth of the population, which in 2000 was 440,000 and in 2005 was 470,000, “which in itself, is placing pressure on the employment market.”

Other reasons given were a poor absorption of labor that appeared on the market through the private sector, restricted admission of staff into the Civil Service, immigration into the country, slowed gross domestic product (GDP) growth and an increase in the active population with secondary school students entering the employment market.

The study showed, at the same time, that Cape Verdeans’ lives had improved and these days have better access to services and consumer goods, such as the public water network, bathrooms, electricity and electrical household goods. (macauhub)