Angola has resources other than its oil – Finance Minister

17 April 2006

Luanda, Angola, 17 April – The Angolan finance minister, José Pedro Morais, said Thursday in Luanda that Angola had other natural resources beyond oil, and highlighted the geo-strategic position of the country in southern Africa.

“Angola, other than oil, has other important natural resources and production factors that have yet to be explored, such as huge extensions of potentially agricultural land, important reserves of solid minerals, hydroelectricity and tourism potential, fisheries, natural parks and an abundant workforce,” the minister said.

Morais, who was speaking at the closing ceremony of the 6th Meeting of the Portuguese-Language Economists Association (AELP), thus rejected the argument that Angola is in the same situation in which desert countries find themselves, which have no resources other than oil.

In his speech, Morais highlighted Angola’s “strategic position” in southern Africa, which allowed for “a quick integration” with the main markets of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, which required, however, rehabilitation of the country’s railroad networks.

In the speech she gave at the closing ceremony, the AELP’s new president Laurinda Hoygaard, said that the institutionalization of the association would be one of the priorities of her mandate.

In her speech, she also mentioned the importance of interchange of experiences and information between economists from the Portuguese-speaking countries, which should also develop joint projects “for the development and integration of common economic thought, despite the differences between the realities of each country.”

Hoygaard also put forward the idea of creating a body for scientific and technical publishing to communicate the results of scientific research bye economists. (macauhub)