Gross revenue from Macau casinos rise 16.5 percent in the first quarter of 2006

20 April 2006

Macau, China, 20 April – Gross revenue for Macau’s 19 casinos totaled US$1.61 billion in the first quarter of 2006, a year on year increase of 16.5 percent, according to official figures.

According to Macau’s Directorate of Inspection and Coordination of Gaming, gross revenue from all gaming, gambling and lotteries in Macau totaled US$1.642 in the first quarter, an increase of 14.9 percent year on year.

Casino revenues accounted for 98.1 percent of total gaming and gambling revenues in Macau in the first quarter.

According to the provisional figures for budgetary execution available on the official website of the Macau Finance Service for the first quarter of 2006, public revenue from direct taxation on gaming represented US$574.6 million, an increase of 15.4 percent in relation to the same year-ago period.

Macau’s casinos pay a 35 percent tax on gross revenues to the local government.

Budget forecasts for 2006 point to the government pocketing US$2.23 billion in direct taxes on gaming and gambling. (macauhub)