Cotton production boosted by 33 pct in Mozambique

26 April 2006

Maputo, Mozambique, 26 April – Cotton production in Mozambique is set to increase by around 33 percent this year, to around 110,000 tons the Mozambique cotton association (AAM) has said.

According to figures published in Maputo, cotton fiber production is expected to total 36,000 tons this year.

Nampula province will be the largest producer of raw cotton, close to 34,700 tons, followed by Cabo Delgado, with 30,000 tons, and Tete and Sofala, with around 13,000 tons each.

The planted area this year totals 196,000 hectares, setting the average at 0.8 hectares per cotton farm.

Average yield per farm is expected to reach 560 kilos, or US$90 at current market prices, according to the AAM.

The total incomes for farmers will be US$20 million.

In a statement released in Maputo, AAM criticized the lack of banking branches and commercial establishments in the production areas which, it said, left production revenue “unused in the national economy, and made use of in neighboring countries,” such as Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Cotton fiber stocks from this year are being sold at US$0.58 per pound of weight, which is the equivalent of around US$1,300 per ton, which varies according to the quality of the product.

Raw cotton is currently trading at 0.1 US cents per pound of weight, or almost US$250 per ton. (macauhub)