Sao Tome’s former PM returns to role as governor of Central Bank

28 April 2006

Sao Tome, Sao Tome and Principe, 28 April – The former prime minister of Sao Tome and Principe, Maria do Carmo Silveira, is t return to here role as governor of the country’s Central Bank, once the new government has taken office, officials said.

The previous government “did what it was possible to do,” given the instability of the archipelago over the past year, and leaves “with a feeling of having fulfilled its duty,” Silveira told the Sao Tome press after a meeting with the new Prime Minister to discuss the most important state issues.

Silveira, 46, had been prime Minister and Minister for Planning and Finance since June 8, 2005.

Until then, and since 1999, she had been governor of Sao Tome’s Central Bank.

Speaking after his meeting with Silveira, the new prime minister, Tomé Vera Cruz, said that the government’s program would be based on it election manifesto and that the constitutional deadline for handing it over to parliament would be fulfilled.

This week, in his first speech after taking office, Vera Cruz said his priority was economic growth and increased employment on the archipelago.

Vera Cruz, 50, an electronic engineer and graduate of a Romanian university, was minister of Natural Resources in the previous government. (macauhub)