China wants to create two more port complexes to import fuel

9 May 2006

Beijing, China, 09 May – China wants to add two new port complexes to the three it already has in order to meet the country’s demand for importing fuel, official Chinese newspaper China Daily reported.

China, which already has three port complexes, is expected to set one up in Fujian province, in the southeast of the country facing Taiwan, while the second complex will be installed in the provinces of Hainan and Guangdong, in the south close to the main Chinese sea routes, China Daily said.

The Fujian port complex will include the port of Zhangzhou, which is used for importing crude oil and natural gas, while the second complex will include the ports of Zhanjiang and Haikou also for importing crude oil and natural gas, while other ports in the provinces will be used to import natural resources.

The other three port complexes are located in Shanghai, China’s economic, trade and industrial center, in Tianjin, in the North of the country and in Shenzhen, a city in southern China, bordering Hong Kong.

China’s Ministry of Communications estimates that China’s cargo processing capacity will increase from 3.8 billion tons in 2005 to 5 billion tons in 2010, China Daily reported. (macauhub)