Mozambique’s Nacala Port awarded international certification to receive ships of all classes

10 May 2006

Maputo, Mozambique, 10 May – The port of Nacala in Northern Mozambique will now be able to receive ships of every class after it received international certification for the quality and safety of its facilities, the infrastructure’s director said.

Fernando Couto, speaking to daily newspaper Notícias, said that in order for the port to qualify for certification it had to carry out investments totaling some US$186,000 on an electrified fence around the port’s entire perimeter and on the security system for people and vehicles accessing the port.

The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code is valid until 2011, Couto said.

According to Couto, the certification is “a step in the direction of the port gaining international credibility as now it is allowed, under internationally recognized standards, to receive any type of ship, include tankers and passenger ships.”

Couto also said the certification would allow cost reductions to be made in insuring the port’s facilities, which is one of the main expenses faced by the management company.

World Bank inspectors had also visited the port at the beginning of the month, Couto said, in order to assess the concession process of private management of the Port and the Nortehrn Railway System, as well as to evaluate the results of operations.

He said, “it was important to assess the different privatization processes and the World Bank has been supervising the concession of railway and port infrastructures in Mozambique from the very beginning.”

Exports from Mozambique’s northern ports – Pemba and Mocímboa da Praia, in Cabo Delgado province, and Nacala – totaled around US$75 million by the end of last year, double the figure of the previous year, according to figures from the Industry and tRde Directorate of Cabo Delgado province.

The main export products were wood and cotton fiber, ahead of maize and minerals such as graphite. (macauhub)