European Parliament approves end of fishing agreement due to demands from Angolan government

17 May 2006

Strasbourg, France, 17 May – the European Parliament approved Tuesday the end of a fishing agreement between the European Union and Angola due to the demands of the West African country, which were considered “incompatible” with community rules, officials said.

The reasons for the ending of the agreement are related to certain conditions established in the new Angolan legislative framework relating to biological and water resources, which are considered to be “incompatible” with Community demands made on fishing carried out by EU fishing vessels.

Angola’s new legislation, adopted in October 2004, outlines that activities ruled by an agreement between the EU and Angola should conform to Angola’s fishing laws, which state that any fishing activity must be carried out in association with local fishing companies and the fish should be of Angolan origin.

For this purpose all community vessels would need to install satellite trackers directly linked to Angola’s fishing regulator.

The European Parliament also approved the extension of the fishing agreement between the EU and Sao Tome and Principe, which involved 73 European fishing vessels, seven of which were Portuguese.

The agreement, which took effect in June 2002, states that a total of 63 community fishing vessels be given access to African waters and that a payment of 2.2 million euros be made by the EU to Sao Tome and Principe, serving, “community interests.”

The main aim of extending the agreement is to give the authorities involved in the process time to negotiate a future commitment, while still allowing fishing fleets to carry on with their work. (macauhub)