Cape Verde, Madeira and Canary Islands partners in cruise business

22 May 2006

Praia, Cape Verde, 22 May – Cape Verde, Spain’s Canary islands and the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira, have joined forces to promote and operate cruises in the mid-Atlantic.

The agreement between the three countries, signed on the Cape Verde island of Sao Vicente Friday, includes, as well as attracting and improving cruise traffic, an exchange of information about events, carrying out competitiveness studies, statistical information management and adopting common security measures, said Cape Verde’s port administration company, Empresa da Administração dos Portos (Enapor).

Cape Verde’s Infrastructure, Transport and Sea Minister, Manuel Inocêncio Sousa, headed the meeting to sign the document between Enapor, Madeira’s port administration company APRAM – Administração dos Portos da Região Autónoma da Madeira, the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Authority and the Las Palmas Port Authority.

Cape Verde thus became a part of the “Cruises in the Atlantic Islands” Association, which brings together the three Iberian port authorities, Enapor said in a statement.

“Cruise line tourism is high-profile and gives commercial prestige to the Port. It is one of the big vectors for the economy of a city, region or country, and these days there is great competition between the ports of the world trying to make a name as Cruise destinations,” said the Cape Verdean state company.

Enapor said that the development of a “young and dynamic” cruise business was one of the “big projects” in the archipelago’s port sector.

It also highlighted the goods conditions of Cape Verde’s ports to receive cruise ships, such as easy access, good navigability, and the archipelago’s tourism potential.

Cape Verde’s hotel establishments received 233,548 tourists last year, a 26.4 percent increase on the previous year, with Sal Island as the main destination, according to figures from the country’s National Statistics Institute. (macauhub)