Cape Verde government receives proposal for natural gas exploration

23 May 2006

Praia, Cape Verde, 23 May – Senegalese gas company L’Africaine de Gaz has presented a proposal to the Cape Verde government to beginning natural gas prospecting and exploration in the sea off the Cape Verde archipelago, reported local newspaper A Semana.

The weekly paper said that the proposal was being assessed by the Ministry for the Economy, growth and Competitiveness, through the Directorate-general for Industry and Energy.

The interest shown by L’Africaine de Gaz, which is linked to multinational US companies working in the sector, such as Hatch, and Japanese companies, has emerged after Chinese prime minister, Wen Jiabao, having admitted china was interested in this area.

On a recent visit to Cape Verde, Wen said that there was gas in the archipelago and that this was one of the central points of his agenda during his stay in the country.

As well as natural gas, Cape Verde currently has surveys underway to determine whether there is oil off its shores and the potential viability of its exploration.

The area of gas and oil is one of the least discussed areas in cape Verdean politics, but the government of José Maria Neves has already said that this sector is a priority in the medium term, despite moving ahead cautiously. (macauhub)