Portugal’s Galp and Mota-Engil in joint venture to produce construction materials in Angola

29 May 2006

Lisbon, Portugal, 29 May – Portuguese oil company Galp and Mota-Engil, the country’s largest construction company, are preparing a joint venture for production of building materials in Angola, a country where both of companies already have operations.

Arnaldo Figueiredo, director of Mota-Engil for international business, told Portuguese daily Diário de Notícias would involve starting operations of Probigalp, a company owned by the two companies, which researches and develops special road building products.

These products, he said, included emulsions, modified fillers and other specialist products used for road building.

“The simultaneous presence in international markets, namely in Spain and Angola, makes it possible to study cooperation scenarios,” he said.

Galp and Mota-Engil last week renewed their partnership agreement for the 2006-2008 period.

The agreement, valued at 90 million euros, outlines the supply of oil products by Galp to Mota-Engil in exchange for construction services, namely of gas distribution infrastructures.

Mota-Engil is currently one of Angola’s largest construction companies and is involved in several road re-building projects. (macauhub)