The Chinese Academy of Space Technology to set up satellite station in Madeira, Portugal

29 May 2006

Lisbon, Portugal, 29 May – The The Chinese Academy of Space Technology is set to install the equipment of the earth satellite station that the European Space Agency (ESA) plans to set up on Madeira Island, Portugal, a project estimated to cost 10 million euros, officials said.

A delegation of experts from the Chinese state telecommunication company, which is certified by ES, visited Madeira around two weeks ago, after being contacted by the Madeira regional government for construction of the equipment, Portuguese weekly newspaper Expresso reported.

The paper added that the group of experts met with representatives of Madeira Tecnopólo, the body responsible for promoting technological projects on the island, in order to identify the best location for the station.

Last week, the island was visited by an ESA delegation in order to negotiate the terms of the project, which has not yet been officially attributed to Madeira.

The station will support satellites from the European Galileo program, which, when it is operational will compete with the current satellite navigation system of US origin (GPS).

Altogether Galileo will have 50 earth-bound stations and 30 satellites in orbit. (macauhub)