Malawi’s tobacco exports via Mozambique’s Beira Port double in 2005

30 May 2006

Maputo, Mozambique, 30 May – Tobacco exports from Malawi via the Port of Beira in Mozambique doubled last year, according to figures provided to Macauhub by Cornelder, the company that manages Beira’s port facilities.

The port, which is located in the North of Mozambique, processed 9,370 TEU containers of tobacco from Malawi, a 109 percent increase on 2004, according to the same source.

Tea exports from Malawi increased by 43 percent, to 1,483 TEU, at the same time as sugar exports from the country fell almost 72 percent, to 348 TEU.

Containerized agricultural exports from Zimbabwe showed an overall fall – particularly Tobacco (down 31 percent) and Cotton (down 47 percent) – while export of minerals and rocks from the same country either remained steady (as with granite and graphite) or rose (vermiculite, 61 percent higher).

Zambia exported sugar (437 TEU) and cotton (244 TEU), goods that were not registered from that origin in 2004, and more than doubled its export of tobacco (27 TEU).

All the main Mozambican exports of containers increased, particularly scrap metal (780 TEU, four times more than in 2004), wood (150 percent more), cotton (78 percent more), while the export of shrimp remained stable at 541 TEU and 647 TEU of tobacco were processed.

In terms of general cargo, exports from Mozambique via Beira almost all fell – rice, clinker, scrap metal and fertilizers – with the only exception being wheat, which posted a 3 percent increase, to 45,600 tons.

Overall, the traffic at Beira Port totaled 1.53 million metric tons of goods, a rise of 12.3 percent on 2004.

In terms of containers, the main points of origin were Malawi 839 percent) and Mozambique (38.7 percent).

Zimbabwe (45 percent) and Mozambique (27.6 percent) were the main exporters in terms of general cargo, and not Zambia as Macahub recently reported in an article about Cornelder. (macauhub)