Mozambican company produces “gouda” cheese in Manica province

13 June 2006

Chimoio, Mozambique, 13 June – Mozambican company Gouda Gold, located in the country’s Manica province, in May began production of gouda-type cheese in a project supported by the Dutch government and which aims to diversify the agricultural sector in that region of central Mozambique, officials said.

Initially, production stood at around 350 kilograms per week, but in June has increased to 1 ton per week, which is still far below the weekly 12.5 tons that the factory could produce.

“We have the best Dutch equipment to produce this type of cheese,” company director Brendon Evans told Macauhub.

Evans is one of the Zimbabwean farmers who set up in Manica in 2002 and runs an important milk production unit, and now a cheese factory, which he believes is a first in Mozambique.

“We are offering a great quality cheese, produced using the best techniques and equipment in the world and we will soon begin its distribution, exporting it and also selling it in the local market,” Evans said.

The sale of the gouda cheese in Mozambique will be carried out through supermarket chains in the country’s main cities, catering companies, and airlines amongst others, while in terms of export Evans said that South Africa was a priority market.

The factory is located on the outskirts of the provincial capital of Chimoio and is supplied with milk by 75 cows of the Holstein breed, although Evans said that more milk suppliers could be used.

“We are prepared to help small-scale farms in Manica province by receiving their milk, which will happen soon,” he said.

The presence of the Zimbabwean farmers in Manica initially gave the provincial economy strong impetus but, currently many of the farmers are going through some difficulties.

Provincial governor, Raimundo Diomba, recognized that the group was going through a crisis period but gave the example of other investments, such as Chimoio, to re-launch Minic’s economy.

“There have been investments in cereal production and others in the food production area. We export horticultural products, including millet, but we have problems putting it on the market,” Diomba told Macauhub. (macauhub)