European Development Fund funds road rebuilding project in Sao Tome

20 June 2006

Sao Tome, Sao Tome and Principe, 20 June – The European Development Fund is set to finance the refurbishment work on the road linking Sao Tome to Cruzeiro, valued at 524,000 euros, officials said.

The refurbishment of the 9-kilometer road, which is scheduled to be concluded within a year, according to Sao Tome newspaper, Tela Non, is considered particularly important because it crosses densely populated districts.

The launch of the work was marked last week in a ceremony attended by Sao tome’s Minister for Public Works and Infrastructures.

At the time, Delfim Neves said that the ceremony was the actual launch of the work and not “just laying the first stone and only later starting the project, which ahs so often happened in the country.”

He added that funds for refurbishing and building other roads on the archipelago would be included in the state budget for next year.

The new government had prioritized the construction of the country’s deepwater port, the largest public works project ever carried out in the country, along with the new international airport.

The government is currently promoting the new airport internationally in search of investors for the project, estimated to costs US$76 million. (macauhub)