Macau International Fair to take place on September 23

21 June 2006

Macau, China, 21 June – Macau’s 11th International Fair, based on the theme of “Promoting trans-regional economic cooperation, welcoming new development opportunities,” is due to take place between September 23 and 26, the government said.

The fair, which is organized by IPIM (Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute) will coincide with the Ministerial Conference of the “Forum for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and the Portuguese-speaking Countries (Macau).”

The Ministerial Conference, “aims to support businesspeople in making use of Macau’s advantages as a platform for developing markets in China and the Portuguese-speaking countries and making it possible to increase exchange and cooperation between these countries, thus underlining Macau’s role as a platform
for economic cooperation services between them.”

IPIM, in a statement issued Wednesday said that MIF 2006 aimed to “boost the advantages resulting from CEPA – Closer Economic Partnership Agreement between the Chinese Mainland and Macau, and the cooperation with the Great Pearl River Delta Region, making Macau work as a platform to support mainland Chinese businesspeople, as well as those from Portuguese-speaking countries and overseas Chinese businesspeople.”

MIF is a fair targeted at business meetings, exhibition of products, consultations and interchange, and is the largest event for promoting international trade held in Macau.

“For this year’s MIF, which will have over 320 exhibition stands, small and medium-sized companies from China and other countries were invited, with the aim of promoting commercial activities between these types of companies.

IPIM (Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute) was in Lisbon in April at the “2nd Meeting for Cooperation between Companies from China and Portuguese-speaking Countries,” and is expected to take part in the “Maputo International Trade Fair” (FACIM) in August,
and in September at the “International Trade Fair (FILDA)” in Angola. (macauhub)