China’s BBCA group interested in producing ethanol in Brazil

30 June 2006

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 30 June – Chinese group BBCA, which has headquarters in Anhui province, is interested in producing sugar cane ethanol in Brazil, an official told Macauhub Thursday.

The director of the industrial business center (CIN) of Rio de Janeiro, Amaury Temporal said that the Chinese group planned to buy an area to grow sugar cane.

Currently BBCA produces ethanol from maize, through Suzhou Biochemical, one of the six divisions of BBCA, and one of China’s main chemical product manufacturers.

The board of the Chinese group was part of a business mission from Anhui province, which recently visited the state of Rio de Janeiro, in southeast Brazil.

The mission also included executives from Anhui Guofeng (plastics), Anhui Huishang (distribution), Chery (cars) and Anhui Technology Import and Export (foreign trade).

This was the first business mission by the Chinese province to Rio de Janeiro, which is the second most industrialized state in Brazil, after Sao Paulo.

“The interest of Chinese business people in Brazil is very widespread and has increased with each business mission,” said Temporal.

CIN is a body that represents the Federation of Rio de Janeiro Industries (Fijan), an association which represents state business owners.

With a population of 24.3 million, Rio de Janeiro represents 12.2 percent of Brazil’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of US$769 million.

Anhui province, a popular tourist area, with 65 million inhabitants, currently has agricultural plantations totaling 4.18 million hectares, producing cereals, cotton, vegetables, fruit and tea.

The province’s GDP posted an 11.8 percent increase in 2005, against the previous year, to US$67 billion.

Anhui produces, amongst other things, beer, cigarettes, televisions, household appliances, diesel, steel, metal, cement, chemical products, cars and computers.

BBCA also controls the divisions BBCA Biochemical, BBCA Pharmaceutical, BBCA Food, Jiangshan Pharmaceutical (VC) and BBCA Gelatin, as well as a research center.

Last year total sales at BBCA were around US$6.5 billion.

Brazil is currently the world’s largest producer of ethanol from sugar cane, and exports of the product are expected to total some 250,000 cubic meters this year. (macauhub)