Port of Lisbon focuses on Portuguese-speaking African markets and Brazil

30 June 2006

Lisbon, Portugal, 30 June – The Port of Lisbon wants to boost traffic with Portuguese-speaking African countries and Brazil and serve the Spanish market, said the chairman of the port’s management company.

In an interview with Portuguese financial daily, Diário Económico, Miguel Frasquilho said that the project would be part of the strategic plan drawn up by Administração do Porto de Lisboa (APL), which is due to be presented in November.

In terms of products, he said, the main focus over the next few years would be on solid cargo in bulk and container cargo.
The total cost of the plan has not been set, but Frasquilho said that the new disembarkation platform to be built in the Alcantara area, should cost around 130 million euros.

Lisbon also wants to be a relaying station for products being transported from Brazil and Latin America to Spain.

For this to happen, Frasquilho said, the port would “make use of potential synergies in America and Africa,” particularly Brazil and countries such as Angola and Mozambique.

In 2004, the latest figures available, shipping traffic in Lisbon’s port fell 5.4 percent to around 3,500 ships, the second consecutive fall and the lowest figure since 1998. (macauhub)