European Union wants to remove shrimp from new fishing agreement with Mozambique

4 July 2006

Maputo, Mozambique, 04 July – A lack of interest on the part of European ship owners in Mozambican shrimp will represent an 85 percent reduction of the amount involved in the fishing agreement between the European Union and Mozambique, the country’s Fisheries Minister, Cadmiel Muthemba said.

Speaking to Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias, the minister said that the government was looking into the advantages of an agreement that did not include shrimp and that would reduce incoming funds from the EU by 85 percent.

Under the terms of the bilateral agreement, EU fishing vessel owners have the right to catch 1,000 tons of shrimp and 8,000 tons of tuna per year, in exchange for a payment of 3.5 million euros and 600,000 euros, respectively.

However, European fishermen, saying that fishing for shrimp was “not interesting” have never made use of the shrimp quote, although Brussels had continued to pay the respective 3.5 million euros per year.

Until the end of the current agreement, in 2007, European fishing vessels will continue to fish only for tuna although Mozambique will also receive the compensation payment for the shrimp.

But, in the next agreement Brussels, “is expected to adjust the compensation to the Mozambican government based on reality,” said a European Union source in Maputo. (macauhub)