Cape Verde to move ahead with more dam projects

5 July 2006

Praia, Cape Verde, 05 July – Cape Verde is set to move ahead with the construction of more dams over the archipelago following the opening of the Poilão dam, on Santiago Island, a project which was funded by Chinese cooperation.

The assurance was given by President José Maria das Neves, who at the launch ceremony for the dam Monday highlighted the “great contribution” provided by China for the project to be completed.

According to a statement from the Cape Verdean government, the country’s prime minister “ensured that the Poilao dam was the first of a number fo dams to be built in several of the country’s islands.”

The Poilão dam will serve one of the poorest areas of Santiago Island, with a population of around 33,000 people, and it is hoped it will contribute to the development of agricultural and tourism projects, and thus combat desertification of the area.

According to China’s ambassador to Cape Verde, Sun Rongmao, the project costing 380 million Cape Verdean escudos (US$4.4 million) was a historical mark in the history between the two countries.

The dam has a storage capacity of 1.7 million cubic meters of water and will cover an irrigated area of 630,000 square meters.

The project was funded, without needing to be repaid, as part of the Economic and Technical Cooperation agreement between Cape Verde and China. (macauhub)