Cape Verde’s roads institute hands road maintenance to private companies

6 July 2006

Praia, Cape Verde, 06 July – The Cape Verde roads institute plans to hand over the maintenance of some roads on the archipelago to at least three private construction companies and is preparing to launch new tenders for that purpose, officials said.

The first tenders, which according to news agency Inforpress, are expected to be granted over the next few days, were competed for by some of the archipelago’s main construction companies, such as CVC, Engeobra, Empil, Empreitel Figueiredo and Semico.

The contracts are for eight road located on the islands of Santo Antao, Fogo and Santiago, where the archipelago’s capital, Praia, is located, Inforpress said.

Luís Silva, chairman of the roads institute, said that the aim was to extend repair and maintenance contracts to “the other islands as soon as possible,” adding that these would be launched, “according to financing possibilities.”

The private companies selected will be responsible for maintaining the road surface, cleaning, filling potholes and maintaining and placing road signs.

In order to ensure financing for the work a Road Maintenance Fund has been set up, which is expected to spend some 300 million Cape Verdean escudos (US$3.4 million) per year.

Silva said that the service provided was “urgent” and that “ only private companies could ensure it went ahead with quality, as they are available on a continuous basis.” (macauhub)