Portugal’s mail system, Brazilian counterpart and Bank of Brazil sign agreement for Internet sales

6 July 2006

Lisbon, Portugal, 05 July – Portuguese postal company, CTT, Brazilian state mail company and the Bank of Brazil signed a protocol Wednesday to buy Brazilian products via the Internet and to track the orders from Brazil to Portugal.

In a statement, the Portuguese mail system said that the service was initially aimed at the Brazilian community in Portugal and to “Portuguese people who are familiar with Brazilian products.”

CTT said that, “in future this channel is planned to be used as an export vehicle for Brazilian products to the rest of Europe and Portuguese products in Brazil.”

In order to access the products available under the terms of this agreement go to website www.bb.com.br/comex and discover the around 6,000 Brazilian companies that are part of this protocol.

After an order is placed, transport to Portugal is the responsibility of the Brazilian mail system, Correios do Brasil, and is then passed on to CTT Expresso, which delivers it to the buyer’s home.
CTT said that the exporting companies undergo checks by Banco do Brasil in order to be part of the system and that, in a second phase, it is hoped that Portuguese companies can also export their products (macauhub)