Sao Tome investigates irregularities in public companies

11 July 2006

Sao Tome, Sao Tome and Principe, 11 July – The Sao Tome and Principe public prosecution service is investigationg cases of irregularities and alleged corruption at state Public Works and Infrastructure companies, officials said.

The announcement was made by sector minister, Delfim Neves, at the ceremony to appoint new leaders for the state companies, who have replaced the executives fired last month due to the alleged corruption, According to Sao Tome daily newspaper Tela Non.

“There are cases that have already been referred to the Prosecution Service. It is all still a secret, but at the correct time I shall make it public,” Neves said.

The country’s airport and aviation safety company, ENASA will now be headed by Jorge Coelho.

The Housing institute has Cipriano Barreto as its new chairman and Port Administration company ENAPORT is now led by Deodato Rodrigues.

The new chairman of the board of the Sao Tome postal system is António Neves.

Olinto Neves will run the state transport and port company and the telecommunications regulator by Orlando Fernandes.