Power supply to be reinstated in Cape Verdean capital in next few days

28 July 2006

Praia, Cape Verde, 28 July – The power supply in Praia, the capital of Cape Verde, will be reinstated over the next few days after repairs are concluded on one of the group of generators of the archipelago’s largest power plants, officials said.

Government spokeswoman Cristina Fontes said that after the group of generators was repaired, the government was not awaiting the delivery of “equipment needed to reinstate power reserves.”

This equipment, according to daily newspaper, A Semana, includes four 1,700 megawatt generators, ordered by state company Energias Renováveis de Cabo Verde, and which will be installed in the Palmarejo power plant.

This company is currently negotiating with the Goevrnment to begin its activity as an independent producer, specifically to supply power to the country’s capital.

A group of generators rented in Portugal by EDP, a shareholder in the consortium that controls state power company Electra, is also awaited.

In an agreement signed this week, control of Electra will soon be handed over to the Cape Verdean state, with Portuguese shareholders handing over management of the company after the company’s financial recovery.

Preparation of this operation is expected to begin Friday, at the Electra General Meeting, according to Cape Verdean press reports. (macauhub)