Norway’s DNO to continue search for oil in Mozambique

31 July 2006

Maputo, Mozambique, 31 June – Norwegian oil company DNO plans to continue its search for oil and gas in the Inhaminga bloc, in Mozambique’s Sofala province, despite initially failing to discover anything.

The provincial environment director, Maurício Xerinda, told Mozambican news agency AIM that the company would use seismic technology in another attempt to find oil and gas.

It is generally believed that there is natural gas in the region, but when DNO drilled two exploratory wells in 1994 it found nothing that was commercially viable.

Xerinda told AIM that seismic studies would cover a large area and that they would be preceded by an environmental impact study in order to determine the influence on coastal forests and particularly on the Gorongoza national park.

‘Preliminary conclusions indicate that prospecting for oil and gas is sustainable in environmental terms and has the potential to work as a anchor project for development of Sofala province,” said Xerinda.

There are large quantities of natural gas further to the south, in Buzi district, and particularly in Temane and Pande, in the neighboring province of Inhambane.

these two wells are operated by South African oil company Sasol which send most of the gas to South Africa via a pipeline. (macauhub)