Cape Verdean airline TACV forecasts 41 percent more passengers by 2009

4 August 2006

Praia, Cape Verde, 04 Aug – TACV-Cape Verde Airlines expects the number of passengers transported on its flights to increase by 41 percent by 2009, making it one of Africa’s ten biggest airlines, the Inforpress agency reported Friday.

The company’s 2005-2009 strategy plan predicts that within three years the number of passengers transported annually will rise to 1 million, compared to the 592,000 last year, due to increased activity in the tourism sector, the article stated.

The Cape Verdean air carrier’s fleet comprises two Boeing 757/300s and three ATR aircraft. It operates weekly flights to Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, Rotterdam, Bissau, Dakar and Fortaleza, among other cities and domestic destinations.

Another goal set out in the plan is the introduction of electronic ticket sales, which is the main activity for the current year.

This measure is meant to comply with guidelines of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which has set 31 December 2007 as the deadline to stop issuing paper tickets.

The adoption of the new electronic platform has already been contracted. It will be able to process reservations and set up a frequent flyer program, among other functions.

TACV recorded losses of 600 million Cape Verdean escudos (US$6.97 million) last year.

The air carrier is currently involved in a financial reorganization operation ahead of the privatization scheduled for July 2007.