Cape Verde goes ahead with new labor code and state reform

8 August 2006

Praia, Cape Verde, 08 Aug – The Cape Verdean government plans to go ahead with a new labor code and reform of the public administration and state services by the end of the year, the Inforpress agency reported Tuesday.

The state reform measures aim to lower public spending and ensure “continued good governance” of the island nation, the government’s ministerial spokeswoman, Cristina Fontes, said after the last council of ministers before the summer vacation period, cited by Inforpress.

Regarding public administration, the government plans to implement a system to assess the performance of civil servants, to “guarantee that merit is a key criteria over the course of careers,” she said.

“We will have a much smaller state and central structure and the institutes will undergo a rationalization process. Those that cannot be justified will be disbanded, while others will be merged,” the council of ministers spokeswoman added.

Besides the new Labor Code, the government wants to stimulate vocational training, introducing “fundamental improvements to ensure growth, the fight against poverty and a better employment situation,” she said.

Cristina Fontes highlighted the emphasis on inter-island maritime transport, a “critical” area of the economy that will be given “special attention” by the government.

Before going on holidays, the Cape Verdean government approved a set of measures to resolve the energy crisis affecting the country, as well as a resolution concerning Cape Verde and Spain, on cooperation in the fight against crime.

The World Bank this week ranked Cape Verde second in its good governance classification of 76 poor or developing countries, surpassed only by Armenia. (macauhub)