Shenzhen makes one eighth of the world’s mobile telephones

8 August 2006

Shenzhen, China, 08 Aug – Shenzhen’s nearly 100 manufactureres of mobile telephones are expected to produce 100 million units this year, a third of the national total and an eighth of the world total, the Shenzhen Economic Daily reported Tuesday.

Citing the Shenzhen Municipality Wireless Association, the newspaper indicates that the Foxconn company will produce 15 million Nokia and Motorola devices and that the local subsidiaries of Samsung and Philips will each produce 10 million units.

The Aux Group is to invest nearly 100 million yuan (US$12.6 million) to build its Shenzhen mobile telephone production base, which will have a workforce of 3,000 employees and annual production of 10 million telephones, the daily reported.

Shenzhen’s mobile telephone industry is able to supply itself. If a production unit needs parts it can obtain them in half an hour by means of a simple phone call, an unidentified source told the paper.

The Shenzhen Economic Daily adds that the city is the world’s number one site for mobile telephone sales, as it has nearly 700 sales points that annually place 100 million phones worth 20 billion yuan (US$25.1 billion).

Shenzhen is a special economic zone of China located next to Hong Kong. (macauhub)