Cape Verde’s economic climate indicator recovers in second quarter and reaches maximum value

14 August 2006

Praia, cape Verde, 14 Aug – Cape Verde’s economic climate indicator recovered in the second quarter of 2006 and reached its maximum level since the beginning of the series, Cape Verde’s national Statistic’s Institute (INE) said.

According to the Economic Climate Survey published at the end of last week by Cape Verde’s INE, the indicator, which stands at 13 points, reached its highest level since the beginning of the series in 2002, which show the increasing confidence of Cape Verdean business owners in all sectors of activity.

The indicator was particularly influenced by the evaluations given by business owners from the transport sector, who were optimistic about the growth prospects of their activity and of employment.

Another sector in which economic prospects were felt to be on a high was the manufacturing industry, particularly in terms of current production levels and employment prospects. (macauhub)